About us

Consumers can now engage with a company in a physical store, on an online website or mobile app, through a bot, or social media. They can access products and services by calling a company on the phone, by using an app, or with a tablet or a desktop computer. Each piece of the consumer’s experience should be consistent and complementary.


The term Omni-Channel is used to describe the new standards adopted by companies trying to provide a seamless customer experiences across multiple channels and devices including telephones, tablets and or PC/laptops. Esosphera supports companies to achieve these Omni-Channel relationships. 

Today’s customer journey can start in any one channel and proceed through many others, such as social media, web chat, text, email or the telephone. Unlike multi-channel models offering access to services through various channels, which are often independent of each other, EsoSphera uses a consultative approach, which is natively Omni-Channel.

EsoSphera favors Cloud technology, both in computer and telephone components. It uses direct connections with leading national and international telephone, voice, messaging and hosting providers.  


Case History

Omnichannel, Multilingual CSI and NPS

Would you ever expect that an hospital ask their patients if the service received was up to their expectations? Some do that, including a health care facility which uses EsoSphera self-managed software tool to make discreet Omni-Channel inquiries to collect any kind of feedback via email, sms, instant messaging or a telephone call. The health of your business in a single dashboard!

Chat Bot

Every company would like a Customer Care active 24/7, but it’s too expensive. Esosphera can provide you with a bot that checks for keywords in your customers’ messages, both vocal (during a call) and in chats. Specific keywords trigger reactions such as multichannel alerts to a helpdesk group.

Omnichannel Appointment Making and Reminding

Does your client need to make a reservation?
For italian main service providers we provide an Omni-Channel automatic system that proactively contacts your customers and schedules an appointment before they can turn to a possible competitor. The system greatly reduces the use of the call center and optimizes the management of your agenda.

Promotional Marketing

Do you want to increase sales through promotions that can engage and create customer loyalty towards your brand? A leading confectionary brand has used gamification techniques within its promotional activities. Thanks to Esosphera Omni-Channel platform and advices on how to design promotion rules, they accrued over a million plays, reaching an increased rate of repetitive buying and their users profiling objectives.